Funsolve is here to create the best gaming experiences on mobile and console.  

We love fun and we love a purpose, we know how to engage users, offer them compelling reasons to download, play and come back time and again.  

We specialise in User Experience, Art Direction and Game Development.


Product & Pitch Development

At Funsolve we work with our client to understand their product, IP or venture, we will establish an understanding of a products audience, its values and the messages that will engage and resonate with the intended end users.


User Experience

Building the right user experience is vital in capturing your customers attention and retaining it for the life of your relationship, without a solid user experience appropriate to your audience you and your customers could be missing out.


Art Direction

Visual development is paramount in the pursuit of grabbing your customers attention and delivering quality experiences.  At Funsolve we work with you to develop your product into a distinguished and beautiful application that will wow your customers.


Creative assistance, here, when you need it…

All of our creative services are customised to suit your circumstances and the needs of your project, we can work fixed fee or ad-hoc as you need us.

Presentations & Pitches


Jon Gibson

Jon Gibson

Studio Director, Studio Gobo II, Brighton, UK

“Working with Rich from Funsolve was a hugely enjoyable and rewarding experience. The service offered was second to none and I won’t hesitate to use Funsolve for future needs. A fantastic service all round from a talented and experienced professional.  Working with Funsolve we were able to advance our project and shapes its purpose, I definitely recommend working with Funsolve if you need creative help.”

Funsolve Provided ::
Art Direction | Creative Pitch Services | Brand Creation | Game Review & Guidance


Asante Lawla

Asante Lawla

Director, Fracturesight Games

“Great company, took the time to really understand the concept and direction of the game, then executed the job perfectly as well as going over and above what I had asked for with very little further input. Also introduced me to contacts and gave me some very helpful general guidance in how to move forward with my project.

Funsolve helped us by listening to our design ideas and visualising them clearly and with real style. Collaborating with Funsolve was a simple pleasure and we really got results.”

Funsolve Provided ::
Creative Pitch Services


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