Funsolve Limited was founded and incorporated in October 2015 by Richard Tawn.  The purpose of Funsolve is to provide exceptional creative  and professional services to video game, app developers and publishers.

Developing cutting edge gaming experiences is a challenge and Funsolve aim to help determine a products brand, user experience and appropriate art direction that will resonate with your target audience.

The products and services provided by Funsolve have been applied to games in both pre-production and later in development to solve issues with quality and/or engagement.  Our goal is to build a world class studio that creates world class video games.

Richard Tawn

Richard Tawn


“Since starting out in 1998 at Codemasters, I have had the privilege of working with fantastic studios and with amazing IPs across the world.  Nothing excites me more than the challenge of creating great entertainment with real player value.  Today I’m motivated by the big ideas and I’m passionate about brand and user experience.”


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