Its all in the UXperience

Its all in the UX-perience The power of user experience design, when and how to begin and the shifting sands of player expectations   When developing any product, be it physical or digital, the goal is essentially the same – make the user happy!  In the... read more

Arcade bliss

Samsung GearVR experience provides a great rendition of the Arcade experience in the ‘Arcade’ app, for anyone yearning for that old school coin-up gaming this is one way of enjoying, without leaving your home or buying an expensive cabinet for the... read more

VeRy nearly here!

If you have’t noticed yet, there is a massive sea change in entertainment on the horizon, we’re very excited about VR, I really think this medium will be altering not only how we consume but what we consume in the coming years with immersive and enriching... read more

A VR predicted wonderland in the 60s

I tweeted this but after watching I really think it should feature here in our blog, if you have read the post on ‘Wonderland now‘, you will see the relevance of this exciting talk by Dr.Paul Chapman.   If you cannot see the video, follow this... read more


Developers meet with UKIE

I went along to Arch Creatives to attend this months UKIE gaming business event. Lots of fun, great company, pizza and drinks, not to mention the valuable topics covered by the speakers and panel.

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A Spa Education…in games

Warwickshire College, Leamington Spa developing a brand new Games Course designed for students looking to enter the business and learn about this massive industry. I spoke to course Leader Mike Acosta to find out more.

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The problem with Like

The Like button is now old furniture, the clean little blue thing hinged to every jot of content available to your eyes and ears, but who considers the impact of how a single button is responsible for the movement of information in todays world, and do we even need to care?

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I just wanted to mention TESTED to you guys – if you haven’t watched a show yet I recommend you take a look, the guys there do a great job of thoroughly reviewing new technology, software, games and pretty much anything that you might loosely describe as... read more